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White bottles of face cleanser, facial toner, massage oil, lotion, and liquid soap with sea sponge and a blue, peach, tan and green background.

Black Mermaid’s SPA Collection

Get a full luxury spa treatment wherever you go with our face cleansers, toners, moisturizers and treatments. Inspired by nature, formulated by science, there’s something for all skin types.

Clean Beauty


No Animal Testing

Phthalate Free

Paraben Free

Start your
skincare today

Enhance your daily skin routine and start your day fresh!

BalanceMe2 JPEG.jpg

BalanceMe Face Bar


Face Moisturizer.jpg

Face Moisturizer


HoneySpice Bar_edited.jpg

HoneySpice Body Bar

$ 4.99


Body Lotion

$ 19.99

Smiling Latina woman behind shelves with jars and bottles of skincare products reaching for white bottle of face cleanser.

Beautiful Skin, Naturally!

Coastal inspirations and high-quality formulations are at the heart of the Black Mermaid’s SPA and Poseidon Men’s Collection.


We believe that beautiful skin comes in all shades but not all products work best for skin of color. We have combined the most effective, safest ingredients to elevate and enrich multicultural skin tones and types.


With fragrances and formulations inspired by nature and enhanced with science, our goal is to create products that bring out the natural beauty in your skin.

White bottles of face cleanser and face toner beside jar of anti-wrinkle cream, skin serum, and face peel in treatment bottles in front of drift wood.


Our face treatments let nature work for you!


With plant-based oils, citrus extracts &

even hyaluronic acids (plant-based of course!)

Take your skin care to the next level with our collection of natural spa products.


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Treatment bottles of face peel and skin serum beside jars of eye cream and anti-wrinkle cream on top of blue background with green plant leaves in corner
Silver treatment bottle of AHA Fruit Enzyme Peel with marble background
Silver tin of beard balm next to black bottle of beard wash with grey background






Right hand rubbing lotion onto left hand

A glowing complexion is like natural beauty that shines from within.

Explore our timeless collection of skincare and men’s grooming products inspired by and created to enhance every multicultural skin tone


According to legends the world over, mermaids were half-woman, half-fish beings whose beauty was said to have been unmatched by any human woman. Commanding the elements of nature, the mermaid maintained her beauty.


Mermaids with black tails were often depicted as kind-hearted and compassionate and often came to the rescue of shipwrecked sailors, using the elements of the earth and sea to heal them.


Like the mermaids of legend, Black Mermaid's SPA uses the elements of earth and water to cleanse, renew, and rejuvenate your skin with clean beauty products. Black Mermaid helps you feel beautiful, naturally!

3 women in white tshirts laughing at camera
Ocean's Edge Beard Balm

De'Marcus B. 

It maintains proper beard maintenance, enabling my beard to grow fuller and to fill in my small alopecia over time.

Hand Moisturizer Cream in acrylic jar with silver top

Denise B. 

Love this hand cream! My hands are soft, smooth, and younger looking. It has made my hands look fuller, plumper and the skin appear smoother. In addition, I find my cuticles are softer making my manicure last longer. Usually, I prefer more floral smelling products, but I grew to like the earthy, clean linen scent of this product.  The product will last through a few hand washing before you have to reapply (important during a time where we have to hand wash more). The product does leave a "sheen" making the skin look brighter.

Gardenia Breeze


I love that the (body butter)  scents are natural, light and airy. I love the texture on my skin and I never have to worry about being dry after the shower when I use the soaps.

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